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Now Available! DPDK Release 22.03

By March 17, 2022Blog

A new release is available: https://fast.dpdk.org/rel/dpdk-22.03.tar.xz

Winter release numbers are quite small,  as usual:

  •  956 commits from 181 authors
  •   2289 files changed, 83849 insertions(+), 97801 deletions(-)

There are no plans for  a maintenance branch for 22.03.

This version is ABI-compatible with 21.11.

  • Below are some new features:
  • Fast restart by reusing hugepages
  • UDP/TCP checksum on multi-segments
  • IP reassembly offload
  • Queue-based priority flow control
  • Flow API for templates and async operations
  • Private ethdev driver info dump
  • Private user data in asymmetric crypto session

More details are available in the official  release notes: https://doc.dpdk.org/guides/rel_notes/release_22_03.html

There are 51 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers)!

Welcome to Abhimanyu Saini, Adham Masarwah, Asaf Ravid, Bin Zheng, Brian Dooley, Brick Yang, Bruce Merry, Christophe Fontaine, Chuanshe Zhang, Dawid Gorecki, Daxue Gao, Geoffrey Le Gourriérec, Gerry Gribbon, Harold Huang, Harshad Narayane, Igor Chauskin, Jakub Poczatek, Jeff Daly, Jie Hai, Josh Soref, Kamalakannan R, Karl Bonde Torp, Kevin Liu, Kumara Parameshwaran, Madhuker Mythri, Markus Theil, Martijn Bakker, Maxime Gouin, Megha Ajmera, Michael Barker, Michal Wilczynski, Nan Zhou, Nobuhiro Miki, Padraig Connolly, Peng Yu, Peng Zhang, Qiao Liu, Rahul Bhansali, Stephen Douthit, Tianli Lai, Tudor Brindus, Usama Arif, Wang Yunjian, Weiguo Li, Wenxiang Qian, Wenxuan Wu, Yajun Wu, Yiding Zhou, Yingya Han, Yu Wenjun and Yuan Wang.

Below is the percentage of commits per employer (with authors count):

  A big thank to all courageous people who took on the non rewarding task of reviewing others’ work.

Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top non-PMD reviewers are:
         41     Akhil Goyal 
         29     Bruce Richardson 
         26     Ferruh Yigit 
         20     Ori Kam 
         19     David Marchand 
         16     Tyler Retzlaff 
         15     Viacheslav Ovsiienko 
         15     Morten Brørup 
         15     Chenbo Xia 
         14     Stephen Hemminger 
         14     Jerin Jacob 
         12     Dmitry Kozlyuk 
         11     Ruifeng Wang 
         11     Maxime Coquelin 

 The next version of DPDK, 22.07,  will be released in July.

The new features for 22.07 can be submitted during the next 3 weeks:  http://core.dpdk.org/roadmap#dates.

Please share your roadmap.

Thanks everyone!