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Governing Board

A Governing Board which deals with budget, marketing, lab resources, administrative, legal and licensing issues. The Governing Board consists of these representatives:

  • Keesang Song (AMD)
  • Imran Yusuf (Arm)
  • Niklas Widell (Ericsson)
  • Gabriel Yu (Huawei)
  • Robin Giller (Intel) – Vice Chair & Treasurer
  • Prasun Kapoor  (Marvell)
  • Gal Cohen (Mellanox/NVIDIA)
  • Doug Stamper (Microsoft)
  • Thomas Monjalon – Tech Board Representative to Governing Board (1/1/23-3/31/23)
  • Rashid Khan (Red Hat) – Chair
  • Rajan Gupta (NXP)
  • Wang Yong (ZTE)

Technical Board

A Technical Board which deals with technical issues including approval of new sub-projects, deprecating old sub-projects, and resolution of technical disputes. The Technical Board consists of these representatives:

  • Aaron Conole (RedHat) – Testing Leader
  • Bruce Richardson (Intel)
  • Hemant Agrawal (NXP)
  • Honnappa Nagarahalli (Arm)
  • Jerin Jacob (Marvell)
  • Kevin Traynor (RedHat)
  • Konstantin Ananyev (Intel)
  • Maxime Coquelin (RedHat)
  • Stephen Hemminger
  • Thomas Monjalon (Mellanox/NVIDIA) – Lead Maintainer

Project Maintainers

Each project on has its own maintenance process.

The main DPDK project has a list of maintainers and a Technical Board.

Project Staff

DPDK is also supported by Linux Foundation staff and other community leaders who are invested in the project’s success.

  • Nathan Southern (Linux Foundation) – Project Coordinator
  • Emily Ruf (Linux Foundation) – Events Manager
  • Jill Lovato (Linux Foundation) – Marketing/PR Manager
  • Tim O’Driscoll (Intel) – Marketing Working Group Chair
  • Lincoln Lavoie ( UHN IoL) – Community Lab Manager