DPDK is packaged by various distributions for multiple platforms and architectures. Popular distributions with packages for DPDK include:

Open Source Projects Consuming DPDK

DPDK’s growing and robust community of member organizations and cross-industry partners spans hardware vendors, physical and virtual network drivers, and other open source organizations that consume DPDK. See below for a full list of up and down-stream open source projects that consume DPDK.
    • Packet-journey– Userland router
    • Pktgen-dpdk– Packet generator
    • PcapPlusPlus– C++ packet parsing framework
    • Ruru– Real-time TCP latency monitoring
    • Seastar– open-source C++ framework
    • SPDK– Storage Performance Development Kit
    • TLDK– TCP Stack
    • TRex– Stateful Traffic Generator
    • VPP– Fast Data Project
    • WARP17– Stateful Traffic Generator
    • YANFF–  NFF-Go -Network Function Framework for GO (former YANFF)
    • YAStack–  DPDK with L7 Envoy Proxy

Platform Support

DPDK supports a broad range of processors and devices, both physical and virtual. The device classes are:

  • Network Interface Controller
  • vHost Data Path Acceleration
  • Wireless Baseband Accelerator
  • Crypto Engine
  • Compression Engine
  • Regular Expression Engine

See the list of supported devices for more details.


DPDK is comprised of a robust community of member organizations committed to enabling accessible fast packet processing to help move the networking industry forward.  Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the DPDK ecosystem, its use cases and applications,  as we usher in the next evolution of innovative network solutions.

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