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Become a part of the DPDK community and unlock a host of benefits that will enhance your organization’s influence, time to market, and industry stature. Networking technology is pervasive, used across various industry segments including telecom, cloud, enterprise, security, financial services, healthcare, and defense. All these segments have diverse networking infrastructure requirements, with the common theme being the data plane—a logical entity processing the bulk of packetized networking traffic.

The Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) delivers a fast, flexible, and open solution through a community-driven open-source software project. DPDK is an open-source community where anyone can contribute to its development. Whether your organization is a networking solutions vendor, system integrator, end-user network operator, cloud services provider, or an enterprise—joining DPDK connects you with innovative technical projects, companies, and developer communities transforming the networking industry.

As a corporate member, you’ll enjoy:

1. Influence and Time to Market:
– Gain a faster, easier, and respected upstream path into DPDK, ensuring your innovations reach the market swiftly and efficiently.
– Increase professional credibility and responsiveness for maintainers and active participants, positioning your organization as a leader in the industry.

2. Collaboration Opportunities and Expertise:
– Access collaboration opportunities and potential partnerships within the DPDK community, tapping into a network of expertise to drive innovation and growth.
– Benefit from increased collaboration potential, fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing.

3. Increased ROI:
– Experience increased return on investment by promoting and sustaining an ecosystem of fast-path NIC vendors through a single point of investment.
– Reduce reliance on proprietary technology and elevate industry stature by virtue of membership and affiliation with the Linux Foundation.

4. More Effective Customer Reach:
– Expand your customer reach with DPDK and Linux Foundation communications that increase awareness of your related offerings.
– Enjoy the market perception benefits of open development and open governance, enhancing credibility with customers and stakeholders alike.

Joining DPDK as a corporate member provides unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth. Become a member today and unlock the full potential of your organization with DPDK.

DPDK is an open source community, anyone can get involved. If you’d like to know more about contributing to DPDK visit

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