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Unlock opportunities for influence and innovation 

DPDK corporate members enjoy a host of benefits that enhance their organization’s influence, time to market, and industry stature.

Download the latest statistics and membership details in our 2024 Membership Deck

DPDK is a global open source, open development community, everyone is welcome. If you’d like to know more about contributing to DPDK visit dpdk.org/contribute

DPDK corporate member benefits:

Influence and Time to Market:

  • Faster, easier, and respected upstream path into DPDK
  • Increased professional credibility & responsiveness for maintainers & active participants
  • Collaboration opportunities, potential partnerships, and access to a network of expertise

Increased ROI:

  • Ability to influence project direction and sustain an ecosystem of fast path NIC vendors
  • Open source engagement improves talent acquisition and retention
  • Exclusive access and customer referral to independent benchmark testing from the DPDK lab

Enhanced Market Perception & Customer Reach:

  • DPDK & Linux Foundation communications increases awareness of your related offerings
  • Market perception of open development project governance and Linux Foundation affiliation
  • Increased credibility with customers by virtue of formally functioning as a member

Joining DPDK as a corporate member provides opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth. Become a member today and unlock the full potential of your organization with DPDK.

Download the latest statistics and membership details in our 2024 Membership Deck

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