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DPDK Dispatch – January

By January 16, 2024February 28th, 2024Monthly Newsletter

Here are five things this month worth knowing about from the open source global community.

1. Main Announcements

  • DPDK 21.11.6 LTS (Long Term Stable Release) is now available to download here. Thanks to the authors who helped with backports and to Nvidia, Red Hat and Intel who helped with the validation.
  • Navigate the nuances of the LTS releases, their suitability for production, and the level of active support they receive in the latest guide here.

2. Events

  • Thanks to everyone who attended our latest webinar the turnout was fantastic! If you missed it you can catch up here.
  • Also thanks to everyone who provided their feedback, it looks like the preference for the next webinar is on the TCP Stack, followed by user stories, CXL (Compute Express Link), passthrough and SR-IOV with DPDK examples/ QUIC stack.

3. Blogs, User Stories and Developer Spotlights

  • Check out our latest dev spotlight with one of the first DPDK contributors Anatloy Burakov here
  • Submit a blog here
  • Submit a developer spotlight here

4. DPDK & Technologies in the News:

5. Performance Reports & Meeting Minutes

This newsletter is sent out to thousands of DPDK developers, it’s a collaborative effort. If you have a project release, pull request, community event, and/or relevant article you would like to be considered as a highlight for next month, please reply to

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

DPDK Team.