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Inside DPDK 23.11: An Overview of the Latest Release

By November 29, 2023December 4th, 2023Blog

The latest DPDK version 23.11, is now available. This version includes latest updates and new features in network processing.

Download Link:

Release Statistics:

Commits: This release comprises 1161 commits from 161 authors.

File Changes: There were modifications to 1647 files, which include 97,078 insertions and 44,688 deletions.

Support Duration:
The 23.11 version will be supported for three years, indicating its reliability for system integration and deployment.

ABI Versioning: New Major ABI Version: This release introduces major ABI version 24.

Future Releases: The forthcoming 24.03 and 24.07 versions will maintain compatibility with ABI version 23.11.

Main Features of the Release:

  • C11 Compiler Requirement: The build now mandates a C11 compatible compiler.
  • MSVC Build Support: Initial support is added for Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) builds.
  • New Atomic Operations API: An enhanced API for atomic operations is included.
  • AMD CPU Power Management: Advanced power management features for AMD CPUs.
  • MBuf Recycling: Enhancements in memory buffer recycling.
  • RSS Algorithm Management: Upgraded management of Receive Side Scaling (RSS) algorithms.
  • Max Rx Buffer Size Adjustment: Modifications to the maximum receive buffer size.
  • New Flow Action Types: Introduction of novel flow action types.
  • Flow Group Miss Action: A new flow group miss action feature is added.
  • Packet Type Matching: Improved packet type matching in flow items.
  • TLS Record Offload: New offloading capability for TLS record processing.
  • Security Rx Inject: Advanced features for security reception injection.
  • Eventdev


  • Updates in eventdev link profiles, adapter for dmadev, and the event dispatcher library.
  • NFP vDPA Driver: A new driver is introduced.
  • Graph Application: A novel application feature for graph processing.
  • Deprecated Libraries: Certain libraries and drivers have been removed.

Detailed Release Notes:

Contributor Acknowledgments:
The release includes contributions from 40 new individuals across various roles like authors, reviewers, and testers.

A big shoutout to Alan Brady, Ales Musil, Andrey Ignatov, Artemy Kovalyov, Chang Miao, Fengjiang Liu, Igor de Paula, Jayaprakash Shanmugam, John Romein, Jonathan Erb, Jonathan Tsai, Josh Hay, Julian Grajkowski, Karen Kelly, Kuan Xu, Madhu Chittim, Mahesh Adulla, Matthew Dirba, Paul Szczepanek, Peter Nilsson, Sam Andrew, Sampath Peechu, Saurabh Singhal, Shailendra Bhatnagar, Shihong Wang, Shubham Rohila, Shujing Dong, Sibaranjan Pattnayak, Sinan Kaya, Sivaprasad Tummala, Sivaramakrishnan Venkat, Timothy Miskell, Tomer Shmilovich, Trevor Tao, Trevor Tao, Vamsi Krishna Attunuru, Wajeeh Atrash, Wei Hu, Xiaoming Jiang, Zhenning Xiao.