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DPDK’s 20.05 Release is Here!

By May 26, 2020Blog

A new DPDK release, 20.05,  is available here: https://fast.dpdk.org/rel/dpdk-20.05.tar.xz

It was quite a big release cycle, with:

  •         1304 commits from 189 authors
  •         1983 files changed, 145825 insertions(+), 29147 deletions(-)

There are no plans (yet) to start a maintenance branch for 20.05.

This version, as the previous one (20.02), is ABI-compatible with 19.11.

Below are some new features, grouped by category.

  • General
    • packet processing graph
    • ring synchronisation modes for VMs and containers
    • RCU API for deferred resource reclamation
    • telemetry rework
    • low overhead tracing framework
    • GCC 10 support
  • Networking
    •  flowaging API
    • driver for Intel Foxville I225
  • Cryptography
    • ChaCha20-Poly1305 crypto algorithm
    • event mode in the example application ipsec-secgw
  •  Baseband
    • 5G driver for Intel FPGA-based N3000

More details in the release notes: http://doc.dpdk.org/guides/rel_notes/release_20_05.html

There are 69 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers):

Welcome to Andrea Arcangeli, Asim Jamshed, Cheng Peng, Christos Ricudis, Dave Burley, Dong Zhou, Dongsheng Rong, Eugeny Parshutin, Evan Swanson, Fady Bader, Farah Smith, Guy Tzalik, Hailin Xu, Igor Russkikh, JP Lee, Jakub Neruda, James Fox, Jianwei Mei, Jiawei Wang, Jun W Zhou, Juraj Linkeš, Karra Satwik, Kishore Padmanabha, Lihong Ma, Lijian Zhang, Linsi Yuan, Louise Kilheeney, Lukasz Wojciechowski, Mairtin o Loingsigh, Martin Spinler, Matteo Croce, Michael Haeuptle, Mike Baucom, Mit Matelske, Mohsin Shaikh, Muhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Bilal, Nannan Lu, Narcisa Vasile, Niall Power, Peter Spreadborough, Przemyslaw Patynowski, Qi Fu, Real Valiquette, Rohit Raj, Roland Qi, Sarosh Arif, Satheesh Paul, Shahaji Bhosle, Sharon Haroni, Sivaprasad Tummala, Souvik Dey, Steven Webster, Tal Shnaiderman, Tasnim Bashar, Vadim Podovinnikov, Venky Venkatesh, Vijaya Mohan Guvva, Vu Pham, Wentao Cui, Xi Zhang, Xiaoxiao Zeng, Xinfeng Zhao, Yash Sharma, Yu Jiang, Zalfresso-Jundzillo, Zhihong Peng, Zhimin Huang, and Zhiwei He.

Here is a breakout of patches per company contribution:

The new features for 20.08 may be submitted during the next 17 days.  DPDK 20.08 should be released in early August, in a tight schedule:  http://core.dpdk.org/roadmap#dates

Thanks to the entire DPDK community, and happy birthday to our RTE_MAGIC!