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DPDK LTS 22.11.4

By February 7, 2024Blog

The latest DPDK release, version 22.11.4, brings several important updates, bug fixes, and improvements across various components of the DPDK framework. In this blog post, we’ll provide a brief summary of the key changes and highlights in this release.

Release Highlights:

1. Updated Git Tree: You can access the latest DPDK source code on the official Git repository at DPDK Stable Git Tree

2. Bug Fixes and Backports: This release includes numerous bug fixes and patches, thanks to the efforts of the community, which contribute to the stability and reliability of the DPDK framework.

3. Security Improvements: The release addresses security-related issues and provides enhancements to improve the overall security of the DPDK.

4. Documentation Updates: The DPDK documentation has been updated, including improvements to guides for various NICs and platforms. The release also includes updates to the Security Guide and VDPA (Virtio Data Path Acceleration) documentation.

5. Performance Enhancements: DPDK is known for its high-performance networking capabilities, and this release continues to optimize and improve performance across different components.

6. Driver Updates: Multiple network drivers have been updated and improved in this release, including fixes for checksum offloading, packet handling, and performance tuning.

7. Eventdev Improvements: The eventdev subsystem has seen enhancements, including fixes related to device pointer management and driver names in the info struct.

8. Crypto Libraries: Various crypto libraries have been updated and fixed, including the addition of missing documentation for security context and memory leak fixes in the OpenSSL PMD.

9. Mempool Fixes: Several fixes have been applied to the mempool component, improving memory allocation and thread safety.

10. Other Component Updates: This release also includes fixes and improvements to other DPDK components, such as the test suite, Ethernet device drivers, and examples.

Overall, DPDK 22.11.4 is a stable release that brings a wide range of improvements, ensuring the continued reliability and performance of the DPDK framework. Users are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release to benefit from the bug fixes and enhancements provided by the DPDK community.

For detailed information about specific changes, you can refer to the official release notes here.

As always, it’s important to thoroughly test any new DPDK release in your specific networking environment to ensure compatibility and performance before deploying it in a production environment.

A Big Shoutout to Our Dedicated Contributors

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the hardworking individuals who contributed to this release. Their dedication and expertise have made DPDK even more robust and efficient.

Xueming Li, Aakash Sasidharan, Abdullah Sevincer, Akhil Goyal, Alex Vesker, Alexander Kozyrev, Amit Prakash Shukla, Anatoly Burakov, Anoob Joseph, Artemy Kovalyov, Bing Zhao, Brian Dooley, Bruce Richardson, Chaoyong He, Christian Ehrhardt, Ciara Power, David Christensen, David Marchand, Dengdui Huang, Ed Czeck, Eli Britstein, Feifei Wang, Fengjiang Liu, Ferruh Yigit, Gagandeep Singh, Ganapati Kundapura, Gregory Etelson, Harman Kalra, Harry van Haaren, Hemant Agrawal, Hernan Vargas, Huisong Li.