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DPDK Long Term Stable (LTS) Release 22.11.05

By May 1, 2024Blog

The latest DPDK Long Term Stable (LTS) Release 22.11.05 includes several updates and enhancements across various components of the DPDK framework. Significant changes in this release involve numerous file modifications, which are indicated by a large number of insertions and deletions across the codebase. The release notes document extensive additions, suggesting improvements and new features in the areas of network interface controllers (NICs), cryptographic devices, event devices, and baseband processing.

Notable adjustments were made to the build system, documentation, and driver support for various hardware. Improvements in error handling, memory management, and device operation stability are also reflected in the release notes. The release also addresses various bug fixes and performance enhancements to ensure better stability and efficiency.


The update involved 246 files with a total of 3,235 insertions and 2,053 deletions. A big shout out to all the contributors to this release including:

Ajit Khaparde, Akhil Goyal, Akshay Dorwat, Alan Elder, Alex Vesker, Ali Alnubani, Andrew Boyer, Anoob Joseph, Arkadiusz Kusztal, Bing Zhao, Bruce Richardson, Chaoyong He, Chengwen Feng, Ciara Power, Dariusz Sosnowski, David Marchand, Dengdui Huang, Edwin Brossette, Eli Britstein, Emi Aoki, Erez Shitrit, Ferruh Yigit, Fidel Castro, Flore Norceide, Ganapati Kundapura, Gregory Etelson, Hamdan Igbaria, Hanumanth Pothula, Hao Chen, Harman Kalra, Hernan Vargas, Holly Nichols, Huisong Li, Jie Hai, Jonathan Erb, Joyce Kong, Kaiwen Deng, Kalesh AP, Kevin Traynor, Kiran Kumar K, Kishore Padmanabha, Kommula Shiva Shankar, Konstantin Ananyev, Kumara Parameshwaran, Long Li, Luca Boccassi, Maayan Kashani, Masoumeh Farhadi Nia, Maxime Coquelin, Michael Baum, Mingjin Ye, Morten Brørup, Mário Kuka, Neel Patel, Nithin Dabilpuram, Pavan Nikhilesh, Pengfei Sun, Qi Zhang, Qian Hao, Radu Nicolau, Rahul Bhansali, Rakesh Kudurumalla, Robin Jarry, Rongwei Liu, Satheesh Paul, Shai Brandes, Shaowei Sun, Shihong Wang, Shun Hao, Simei Su, Sivaprasad Tummala, Sivaramakrishnan Venkat, Stephen Hemminger, Suanming Mou, Sunil Kumar Kori, Sunyang Wu, Tom Jones, Viacheslav Ovsiienko, Wathsala Vithanage, Weiguo Li, Yajun Wu, and Yunjian Wang.

These contributors addressed various aspects from software fixes and performance enhancements to security improvements across multiple components of the system.

Download it here: DPDK 22.11.5

The git tree for this version can be accessed here: DPDK Stable 22.11