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DPDK Governing board Update – July 2020

By July 22, 2020Blog

The DPDK Project Governing board held a “virtual” meeting on July 13th, welcoming both Doug Stamper from Microsoft and Marvell’s new representative, Prasun Kapoor, to the board. Bruce Richardson (of Intel) rotated into the Technical Board representative seat, previously held by Thomas Monjalon (of Mellanox/NVIDIA), in Q3. Note, the Technical Board seat is rotated among Technical Board members on a quarterly basis.

It was noted that 20.08 RC2 went out this week, and it’s shaping up to be a big release! The DPDK project is looking for more code reviewers. If you are an active contributor to DPDK, we invite you to help review your fellow contributors’ patches; help us collectively improve DPDK releases (team work makes the dream work). We would like to thank the entire DPDK developer community who does the hard work that makes our project what it is.

The board recognized the ongoing efforts by Stephen Hemminger (Microsoft) and project maintainers to adopt more inclusive code language, with the replacement of terms like “Blacklist-Whitelist” and “Master-Slave.” Inclusive language aims to avoid expressions and terms that could be perceived as racist, sexist, ableist, or generally biased, prejudiced or demeaning to any particular group of people. DPDK joins other open source groups, including the Linux Kernel community, in working towards improving the use of inclusive language blocks. We know these changes require significant work. We are appreciative to the commitment of our entire community to support the transition to more inclusive terminology in the upcoming 20.11 release.

Additional updates from the Governing Board:

Updated DPDK Charter: Following up on our earlier summer update, the Governing Board, in conjunction with the Technical Board, concluded its months-long review and revision of the DPDK Charter, presenting it for ratification to the Governing Board at the meeting this week. The Governing Board unanimously approved the charter revisions in their entirety.

The edits bring the Charter up-to-date and serve as a current reflection of the project as it is today. The latest charter is available at https://www.dpdk.org/charter/, with changes noted in the table. Please take a look.

Events: We are moving solely to virtual events this year. The DPDK Summit Userspace event will take place virtually September 22-23. Registration is now live, and we encourage you to register early. Be on the lookout for agenda updates.

Budget: The Board has updated the budget to reflect our real-time changes as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

Lab: A sub-team has been working with the DPDK Community Lab team, including UNH-IOL. We are making good progress to properly resource, fund, and improve our lab’s community benefit.

Member Outreach: As mentioned earlier this summer, the board has also started a sub-committee that is looking to grow the DPDK Project’s membership. If you have any suggestions for companies or individuals that we should reach out to, please let us know.

Thank you for your continued engagement with the DPDK community! We hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping busy during these uncertain times