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DPDK 22.07 Release is Now Available

By July 19, 2022Blog

The latest DPDK release, 22.07, is now available: https://fast.dpdk.org/rel/dpdk-22.07.tar.xz

As is atypical, this Summer release is quite small:

  • 1021 commits from 177 authors
  •  1149 files changed, 77256 insertions(+), 26288 deletions(-)

There are no plans to start a maintenance branch for 22.07.
This version is ABI-compatible with 21.11 and 22.03.

New features include:

  •   initial RISC-V support
  •   sequence lock
  •   protocol-based metering
  •   Rx threshold event
  •   SFP telemetry
  •   async vhost improvements
  •   vhost library statistics
  •   vmxnet3 versions 5 & 6
  •  ECDH crypto
  •  eventdev runtime attributes
  •  DMA device telemetry
  •  SWX pipeline improvements
  •  integration as Meson subproject

More details in the release notes: https://doc.dpdk.org/guides/rel_notes/release_22_03.html

Note: GCC 12 may emit some warnings, some fixes are missing.

Welcome! There are 44 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers): 

Abdullah Ömer Yamaç, Abhimanyu Saini, Bassam Zaid AlKilani, Damodharam Ammepalli, Deepak Khandelwal, Diana Wang, Don Wallwork, Duncan Bellamy, Ferdinand Thiessen, Fidaullah Noonari, Frank Zhao, Hanumanth Pothula, Heinrich Schuchardt, Hernan Vargas, Jakub Wysocki, Jin Liu, Jiri Slaby, Ke Zhang, Kent Wires, Marcin Danilewicz, Michael Rossberg, Michal Mazurek, Mike Pattrick, Mingxia Liu, Niklas Söderlund, Omar Awaysa, Peng Zhang, Quentin Armitage, Richard Donkin, Romain Delhomel, Sam Grove, Spike Du, Subendu Santra, Tianhao Chai, Veerasenareddy Burru, Walter Heymans, Weiyuan Li, Wenjing Qiao, Xiangjun Meng, Xu Ting, Yinjun Zhang, Yong Xu, Zhichao Zeng and Zhipeng Lu.

Below is the percentage of commits per employer:

A big thank to all courageous people who took on the non rewarding task of reviewing others’ work. Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top non-PMD reviewers are:

         54     Akhil Goyal 
         52     Fan Zhang 
         42     Jerin Jacob 
         35     Chenbo Xia 
         34     Maxime Coquelin 
         28     Andrew Rybchenko 
         23     Matan Azrad 
         21     Bruce Richardson 
         20     Qi Zhang 
         20     Ferruh Yigit 
         19     Morten Brørup 
         19     Anoob Joseph 

The Next version, 22.11, is scheduled for release in in November, 2022. New features for 22.11 can be submitted during the next 4 weeks:  http://core.dpdk.org/roadmap#dates Please share your roadmap.

Thanks, everyone!