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DPDK 21.08 is Here!

By August 9, 2021Blog

By Thomas Monjalon, DPDK Tech Board

 The DPDK community has issued its latest quarterly release, 21.08, which is available here: https://fast.dpdk.org/rel/dpdk-21.08.tar.xz

Stats for this (smaller) release:

  •   922 commits from 159 authors
  •   1069 files changed, 150746 insertions(+), 85146 deletions(-)

There are no plans to start a maintenance branch for 21.08. This version is ABI-compatible with 20.11, 21.02 and 21.05.

New features for 21.08 include:

  • Linux auxiliary bus
  • Aarch32 cross-compilation
  •  Arm CPPC power management
  •  Rx multi-queue monitoring for power management
  •  XZ compressed firmware read
  •  Marvell CNXK drivers for ethernet, crypto and baseband PHY
  •  Wangxun ngbe ethernet driver
  •  NVIDIA mlx5 crypto driver supporting AES-XTS
  •  ISAL compress support on Arm

More technical details about 21.08 are included in the the release notes:


There are 30 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers): 

Welcome to Aakash Sasidharan, Aman Deep Singh, Cheng Liu, Chenglian Sun, Conor Fogarty, Douglas Flint, Gaoxiang Liu, Ghalem Boudour, Gordon Noonan, Heng Wang, Henry Nadeau, James Grant, Jeffrey Huang, Jochen Behrens, John Levon, Lior Margalit, Martin Havlik, Naga Harish K S V, Nathan Skrzypczak, Owen Hilyard, Paulis Gributs, Raja Zidane, Rebecca Troy, Rob Scheepens, Rongwei Liu, Shai Brandes, Srujana Challa, Tudor Cornea, Vanshika Shukla, and Yixue Wang.

Below is the percentage of commits per employer company:

Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top non-PMD reviewers are:        45     Akhil Goyal 

        34     Jerin Jacob 

        21     Ruifeng Wang

        20     Ajit Khaparde 

        19     Matan Azrad 

        19     Andrew Rybchenko

        17     Konstantin Ananyev 

        15     Chenbo Xia 

        14     Maxime Coquelin 

        14     David Marchand 

        13     Viacheslav Ovsiienko 

        11     Thomas Monjalon 

         9     Dmitry Kozlyuk 

         8     Stephen Hemminger 

         8     Bruce Richardson 


The next DPDK release, 21.11, will be robust.  

New features for 21.11 can be submitted during for the next month, at this link: http://core.dpdk.org/roadmap#dates.  Please  be sure to share your features roadmap.

Thanks to all involved! Enjoy the rest of the summer!