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DPDK 20.02 Release Now Available

By February 26, 2020Blog

The latest DPDK release, 20.02, is now available:

The statistics show  a post-LTS ABI-compatible release:

        820 commits from 156 authors

        876 files changed, 59941 insertions(+), 22565 deletions(-)

There are currently no plans (yet) to start a maintenance branch for 20.02. This release and the next ones (20.05, 20.08) are ABI-compatible with 19.11.

Below are some new features, grouped by category.


  •         ABI check tooling
  •         FreeBSD 13 support
  •         Linux kernel modules disabled in default build
  •         API wait until equal
  •         use CPU lcore with ID > total max
  •         ring with configurable element size
  •         pool of mbufs with pinned external buffers


  •         Pensando ionic driver
  •         Marvell driver for OCTEON TX2 end point
  •         Mellanox vDPA driver
  •         rte_flow API for DSCP
  •         rte_flow API for L2TPv3 over IP


  •          Marvell OCTEON TX2 inline IPsec
  •          CPU crypto based on new libraries (intel-ipsec-mb and AArch64cryptolib)
  •          synchronous CPU crypto API
  •         more algorithms: ECDSA, ECPM


  •         event mode in l3fwd example

More details are available in the  technical release notes:

There are 69 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers):

Welcome to Abed Kamaluddin, Abhishek Marathe, Adam Ludkiewicz, Adrian Podlawski, Aleksandr Loktionov, Alexander Kozyrev, Alfredo Cardigliano, Andrew Pinski, Apeksha Gupta, Balakrishna Bhamidipati, Carolyn Wyborny, Chandu Babu N, Cheng Jiang, Chengchang Tang, Damian Milosek, Dariusz Chaberski, Dariusz Jagus, Dexuan Cui, Dmitry Kozlyuk, Donald Lee, Dzmitry Sautsa, Eugenio Pérez, Fang TongHao, Gal Cohen, Gargi Sau, Girish Nandibasappa, Ilja Van Sprundel, Itsuro Oda, Jaroslaw Gawin, Jörg Thalheim, Kiran Patil, Krzysztof Galazka, Kumar Amber, Li Feng, Lijun Ou, Mahipal Challa, Manish Chopra, Marcin Formela, Martyna Szapar, Mateusz Rusinski, Michael Baum, Michal Litwicki, Michal Swiatkowski, Narcisa Vasile, Niclas Storm, Pandi Kumar Maharajan, Piotr Azarewicz, Piotr Kwapulinski, Piotr Pietruszewski, Prateek Agarwal, Praveen Shetty, Rafael Ávila de Espíndola, Ricardo Roldan, Robert Konklewski, Satananda Burla, Savinay Dharmappa, Scott Wasson, Selwin Sebastian, Shannon Nelson, Shiri Kuzin, Sunil Pai G, Sylwia Wnuczko, Thomas Faivre, Tomasz Konieczny, Vitaliy Mysak, Xuan Ding, Xuan Li, Xueming Zhang, and Yisen Zhuang.

Below is the percentage of patches per company:

Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top reviewers are:

     76     Viacheslav Ovsiienko <>

     56     Qi Zhang <>

     47     Xiaolong Ye <>

     46     Akhil Goyal <>

     44     Ferruh Yigit <>

     43     Matan Azrad <>

     43     Jerin Jacob <>

     38     Beilei Xing <>

     35     Qiming Yang <>

     34     Ajit Khaparde <>

     33     Maxime Coquelin <>

     31     Ori Kam <>

     25     Gavin Hu <>

     24     David Marchand <>

     23     Konstantin Ananyev <>

The new features for 20.05 may be submitted during the next 21 days, in order to be reviewed and integrated before mid-April. DPDK 20.05 should be released on 20-05-20. The schedule is pushed because of the special worldwide context. Some future release cycles will have to be shorter.

Thanks to the entire DPDK community!