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DPDK 19.11, with new ABI Policy and API rework, is Now Available

By November 29, 2019Blog

A new major release is available:

The statistics are quite impressive:
1611 commits from 199 authors
1914 files changed, 164270 insertions(+), 44609 deletions(-)

The branch 19.11 should be supported for at least two years,
making it recommended for system integration and deployment.
The maintainer of this new LTS is Luca Boccassi.

The new major ABI version is 20.
The next releases 20.02, 20.05 and 20.08 will be ABI compatible with 19.11.

Below are some new features, grouped by category.
– new ABI policy and versioning
– API reworks in preparation of 1 year without ABI breakage
– mempool objects not crossing pages
– dynamic mbuf layout
– eBPF arm64 JIT
– LTO build
– Hisilicon hns3 driver
– NXP PFE driver
– virtio packed ring optimizations
– ethdev hairpin API
– ethdev flow tag API
– ethdev packet type range API
– ethdev LRO packet size API
– RIB/FIB libraries
– KNI with VA
– Marvell Nitrox driver
– Marvell OCTEON TX2 crypto driver
– session-less asymmetric crypto
– IOAT example
– l2fwd-event example
– several examples are removed

More details in the release notes:

There are 70 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers).
Welcome to Abhishek Sachan, Adrian Moreno, Alvin Zhang,
Amaranath Somalapuram, Anand Sunkad, Andy Gospodarek, Anna Lukin,
Antara Ganesh Kolar, Bing Zhao, Bo Chen, Chengchang Tang,
Chengwen Feng, Chenxu Di, Chunsong Feng, Cristian Bidea, Doug Dziggel,
Feifei Wang, Guinan Sun, Hao Chen, Heinrich Kuhn, Hongbo Zheng,
Huisong Li, Igor Chauskin, Ivan Ilchenko, Jeremy Plsek, Jerry Hao OS,
Jiaqi Min, Jin Yu, Junfeng Guo, Junyu Jiang, Kommula Shiva Shankar,
Lin Li, Lu Qiuwen, Lunyuan Cui, Manish Tomar, Marcin Baran,
Md Fahad Iqbal Polash, Michael Pfeiffer, Michael Shamis,
Min Hu (Connor), Min Wang (Jushui), Mitch Williams, Nagadheeraj Rottela,
Paul Atkins, Pawel Modrak, Phanendra Vukkisala, Priyanka Jain,
Rahul Shah, Rajesh Ravi, Scott W Taylor, Shougang Wang,
Shuki Katzenelson, Subrahmanyam Nilla, Sucharitha Sarananaga,
Sunila Sahu, Sylvain Rodon, Tony Nguyen, Vakul Garg, Venkat Duvvuru,
Venkateshwarlu Nalla, Wangyu (Eric), Wei Hu (Xavier), Xiaobing Zhang,
Xiaofeng Deng, Xiaoyun Wang, Xun Ni, Yahui Cao,  Yilong Lv, Yu Zhang,
and Zengmo Gao.

Below is the number of patches per company (with authors count):
559     Intel (73)
209     Mellanox (16)
173     Marvell (23)
170     NXP (10)
119     Broadcom (7)
77     Red Hat (8)
61     Huawei (9)
49     OKTET Labs (4)
41     ARM (7)
35     Microsoft (3)
21     6WIND (6)
17     Solarflare (1)
13     Chelsio (1)
12     Cisco (3)
9     IBM (1)
5     AMD (1)

Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top reviewers are:
154     Xiaolong Ye, Intel
118     Ferruh Yigit, Intel
113     Akhil Goyal, NXP
85     Matan Azrad, Mellanox
78     Maxime Coquelin, Redhat
63     Ajit Khaparde, Broadcom
62     Viacheslav Ovsiienko, Mellanox
58     Qi Zhang, Intel
58     Jerin Jacob, Marvel
52     Qiming Yang, Intel
48     Somnath Kotur, Broadcom
44     Thomas Monjalon, Mellanox
39     Hemant Agrawal, NXP
36     Nipun Gupta, NXP
33     David Marchand, Redhat
32     Bruce Richardson, Intel
32     Andrew Rybchenko, SolarFlare
31     Gavin Hu, Arm
29     Luca Boccassi, Debian
29     Konstantin Ananyev, Intel
25     Ori Kam Mellanox
24     Anatoly Burakov, Intel
22     Olivier Matz, 6 Wind

The new features for 20.02 may be submitted during the next 12 days,
in order to be reviewed and integrated before mid-January.
DPDK 20.02 should be released on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks everyone, and happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!