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Community Issues DPDK 21.05 Release

By May 24, 2021Blog

By Thomas Monjalon, DPDK Tech Board

A new DPDK release is now available, 21.05:

It was a quite big cycle, as is typical with our May releases:

  •  1352 commits from 176 authors
  •   2396 files changed, 134413 insertions(+), 63913 deletions(-)

There are no plans to start a maintenance branch for 21.05, and this version is ABI-compatible with 20.11 and 21.02.

Below are some new features:

  • General
    • compilation support for GCC 11, clang 12 and Alpine Linux
    •  mass renaming of lib directories
    • allow disabling some libraries
    • log names alignment and help command
    •  phase-fair lock
    • Marvell CN10K driver
  • Networking
    • predictable RSS
    •  port representor syntax for sub-function and multi-host
    • metering extended to flow rule matching
    • packet integrity in flow rule matching
    •  TCP connection tracking offload with flow rule
    •  Windows support of ice, pcap and vmxnet3 drivers

More details in the release notes:

There are 41 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers)!  Welcome to Alexandre Ferrieux, Amir Shay, Ashish Paul, Ashwin Sekhar T K, Chaoyong He, David Bouyeure, Dheemanth Mallikarjun, Elad Nachman, Gabriel Ganne, Haifei Luo, Hengjian Zhang, Jie Wang, John Hurley, Joshua Hay, Junjie Wan, Kai Ji, Kamil Vojanec, Kathleen Capella, Keiichi Watanabe, Luc Pelletier, Maciej Machnikowski, Piotr Kubaj, Pu Xu, Richael Zhuang, Robert Malz, Roy Shterman, Salem Sol, Shay Agroskin, Shun Hao, Siwar Zitouni, Smadar Fuks, Sridhar Samudrala, Srikanth Yalavarthi, Stanislaw Kardach, Stefan Wegrzyn, Tengfei Zhang, Tianyu Li, Vidya Sagar Velumuri, Vishwas Danivas, Wenwu Ma and Yan Xia.

Below is the percentage of commits per employer company:

Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top non-PMD reviewers are:

         46     Ferruh Yigit 
         39     David Marchand 
         34     Andrew Rybchenko 
         30     Bruce Richardson
         27     Maxime Coquelin 
         26     Viacheslav Ovsiienko
         25     Akhil Goyal 
         23     Thomas Monjalon 
         22     Jerin Jacob 
         20     Ajit Khaparde 
         18     Xiaoyun Li 
         18     Anatoly Burakov 
         16     Ori Kam 
         12     Matan Azrad 
         12     Konstantin Ananyev 
         12     Honnappa Nagarahalli 
         11     Olivier Matz 
         11     Hemant Agrawal 
         10     Ruifeng Wang 

The new features for 21.08 may be submitted through 1 June.

DPDK 21.08 should be released on early August, in a tight schedule:

Please share your features roadmap.

Thanks, everyone, for allowing us to close a great 21.05 on 21/05!