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Overview of the Latest DPDK Release 24.03

By March 28, 2024April 2nd, 2024Uncategorized

DPDK’s latest release, 24.03, marks the culmination of months of dedicated work and collaboration. Accessible now for download here, this release showcases the efforts of 154 authors, culminating in 987 commits. The extensive changes include 1,334 files being modified, with 79,260 insertions and 22,824 deletions, highlighting the substantial growth and refinement in the project.

Notably, DPDK 24.03 will not have a separate maintenance branch, and it maintains ABI compatibility with the preceding 23.11 version, ensuring a smooth transition for developers.

New Features and Enhancements

The 24.03 release introduces several significant features and improvements, including:

  • A new argument parsing library to streamline application development.
  • Standardization of dynamic logging for enhanced diagnostics.
  • Introduction of the HiSilicon UACCE bus, expanding hardware support.
  • Enhanced query capabilities for transmission queues.
  • Advanced flow matching capabilities including random and field comparison.
  • NAT64 flow action, offering new network translation options.
  • Flow template table resizing for more efficient resource management.
  • Continued preparations for MSVC build support, indicating a commitment to broader compatibility.
  • An expansion of DTS tests and general cleanups to enhance stability and performance.

For a detailed overview of all updates and improvements, read the release here.

Community Growth and Acknowledgments

This release also celebrates the inclusion of 31 new contributors, ranging from authors to reviewers and testers, showcasing the DPDK community’s continuous growth. Contributions spanned across a diverse group of companies, with significant commits from Marvell, NVIDIA, Intel, and many others, reflecting the wide-ranging industry support for DPDK.

Looking Ahead

The project is now looking towards version, 24.07, expected in July. The community is encouraged to submit new feature proposals in the upcoming weeks, aligning with the project’s roadmap available here.

Additionally, the upcoming webinar Hyperscaling in the cloud offers an excellent opportunity for learning and engagement. Interested participants can register here.

Shout Out

A big thank to all courageous people who reviewed other’s work. Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top non-PMD reviewers are:

         50     Akhil Goyal @Marvel
         44     Ferruh Yigit @AMD
         40     Chengwen Feng @Huawei
         36     Anoob Joseph @Marvel
         32     Morten Brørup @Smartsharesystems
         26     Tyler Retzlaff @Linux_Microsoft
         21     Dariusz Sosnowski @NVIDIA
         18     Ori Kam @NVIDIA
         18     Bruce Richardson @INTEL

Download it here