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New DPDK Release Candidate 24.03 Ready for Testing

By March 4, 2024March 18th, 2024Uncategorized

1. New Features

1.1. HiSilicon UACCE Bus Support

DPDK now supports the HiSilicon UACCE (Unified/User-space-access-intended Accelerator Framework) bus driver, enabling accelerator devices like compressors, cryptos, DMA, and ethernet devices to be seamlessly integrated and registered within DPDK applications.

1.2. Argument Parsing Library

The addition of the argparse library simplifies the development of user-friendly applications by replacing the usage of getopt(), enhancing usability and flexibility in application design.

1.3. Improved RSS Hash Algorithm Support

Enhancements to the RSS hash algorithm support include the addition of rte_eth_find_rss_algo function, allowing for easier retrieval of RSS hash algorithms by name.

1.4. Flow Matching Items

New flow matching items such as RTE_FLOW_ITEM_TYPE_COMPARE and RTE_FLOW_ITEM_TYPE_RANDOM have been introduced, enabling more granular packet field comparison and random value matching in flow processing.

1.5. Flow Template Table Resizing

The ability to resize flow template tables dynamically has been added, providing greater flexibility in managing flow capacities and configurations.

1.6. Updated Drivers

Several DPDK drivers have been updated to include support for new devices and optimize performance. For example, the Marvell cnxk net driver now supports additional flow items like RTE_FLOW_ITEM_TYPE_PPPOES and RTE_FLOW_ACTION_TYPE_SAMPLE, enhancing its capabilities.

2. Removed Items

Certain items, like statically defined logtypes, have been removed from DPDK, emphasizing the shift towards dynamic logtype registration and improved code organization.

3. API Changes

Several API changes have been implemented to align with intended design and improve code robustness, including the removal of typeof(type) from RTE_DEFINE_PER_LCORE macros and the use of C11 static_assert in RTE_BUILD_BUG_ON.

4. ABI Changes

No ABI changes have been made in this release that would break compatibility with the previous version, ensuring seamless migration and backward compatibility.

In summary, DPDK Release 24.03 delivers a significant boost to network acceleration and development efficiency, making it a crucial update for developers and network engineers alike.

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  1. DPDK Release 24.03 – Documentation