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Governing Board Minutes

DPDK Governing Board Meeting Summary – January 11, 2024

By Blog, Governing Board Minutes

The chief emphases of this meeting were primarily twofold:  1) To discuss deliverables for Marketing Coordinator Ben Thomas’s 2024 agenda; 2) To begin event planning for two 2024 events, one in Asia and one in Europe or North America.

Marketing Discussion:

The board previously doubled the number of hours to which Mr. Thomas has committed and increased the spend in tandem. Mr. Thomas discussed the planned expansion of his platform over the next 12 months. At the heart of the 2024 strategy is an expansion of created content: demand generation – i.e., more webinars, blogs, user stories. These have been broken down into monthly deliverables, website maintenance, content management, social media  mgmt, meetings with maintainers, video content/editing, newsletter, end user stories, PR network monitoring/scraping, and monthly analytics reported to the board. The newly relaunched Outreach/Marketing team, which meets once a month, will help drive and shape these efforts.

Event Discussion:

After extended discussion, the board agreed to rotate its main Summit event from year to year between Europe and North America, to accommodate west coast contributors/board members and European ones equally. The 2024 Summit will be held in North America. The board agreed to pursue either Mexico (city to be determined) or Montreal for the North American event (mid-Q3). 

For the 2024 APAC DPDK event, the board is weighing either Beijing or Bangkok as possible locations. Evi Harmon, Events Coordinator for the project through The Linux Foundation, agreed to source venues for Mexico City, Cancun/Riviera Maya, Montreal, Beijing and Bangkok, and return to the Governing Board with more detailed information for venues in all of the aforementioned cities.

DPDK Governing Board Meeting Summary – 12/7/23

By Blog, Governing Board Minutes

The DPDK Governing Board met for a special session on December 7, 2023, to review and vote on two key elective items for 2024, atop a basic table stakes budget that was unanimously approved in a November 2023 session. 

These items are as follows.

-Doubling Linux Foundation Marketing Coordinator Ben Thomas’s monthly commitment to roughly 60 hours per month from his current commitment of 30 hours per month. Mr. Thomas’s stated high level deliverables for 2024 include but are not limited to: improving performance and shareability on the website; increasing the type and frequency of content for social media and user stories; boosting the community reach and engagement of video content; improving the timing and content of email communications; expanding blog content and collateral; and boosting strategic PR outreach.

-Hiring two part-time undergraduates from the University of New Hampshire to work in the Community Laboratory. These students will be further developing the DPDK Testing Suite (DTS), used to more effectively and expediently vet code submissions.

Of the 9 Governing Board members present for this session, all voted unanimously to approve each proposed measure as an addendum to the table stakes budget.

DPDK Governing Board Meeting Summary – 10/11/22

By Governing Board Minutes

Brief Summary of Governing Board Minutes from 10/11/22

Introduction: Two new arrivals on the project, Robin Giller of intel (replacing St. Leger) and Evi Harmon of LF Marketing (replacing Emily Ruf) introduced themselves and discussed their professional backgrounds.

Changes in Representation: A discussion took place on the pending replacement of the Governing Board Chair. The group also discussed the prospective addition of a vice chair to DPDK, which will necessitate modifications to the language of the current DPDK charter. The group agreed to formally make this decision regarding new charter language, and proceed with the vice chair nomination, via email.

Marketing and Events Updates: The group recapped on registration numbers and attendance for Userspace, and also discussed issues tied to the virtual experience on Zoom for Userspace attendees and strategic ways to enhance the virtual (remote) experience in the future. Several End User Stories were reviewed, as well as forthcoming marketing and outreach efforts.

Financial Updates: DPDK is in healthy financial shape at present, but the networking industry in general faces some key challenges over the coming year. The project is currently in the process of going through membership renewals for 2023.  We need Governing Board approval on the Statement of Work for the University of New Hampshire Community Lab for 2023.

UNH Lab Updates: Operational costs for the Lab in 2023 have increased slightly despite no changes to the SOW. The Governing Board requested additional clarity on this and agreed to seek it via email prior to approving said budget.

Tech Board Updates: The GB tech board rep discussed some concerns regarding the merge of a new Google Driver, tied to the fact that the base code has an MIT license, and the DPDK charter only covers a BSD license. The group discussed the proposed modification of the DPDK charter to cover both licenses. The process of hiring a tech writer is underway. The group also discussed the addition of KPI trackers in the near future.

Discussion re: Changing Perceptions of DPDK: Some concerns were raised during the Userspace event about the  public perception that DPDK has a high barrier to entry. Comments shared at Userspace indicated a concern about DPDK’s high barrier to entry. A team is now looking into the comment to see if it’s a widely shared view, and if it is, what might the project community do about it. 

DPDK Governing Board Meeting Summary – August 23, 2022

By Governing Board Minutes

Brief Summary of Governing Board Minutes from 8/23/22

We did have a quorum present for this meeting, with 8 governing board representatives present.

Introduction: As chair, Jim St. Leger called the meeting to order and welcomed Daniel Havey of Microsoft as Doug Stamper’s interim replacement. 

Changes in Representation: Jim St. Leger announced that he will be departing DPDK as the Intel rep and corresponding chair, to be replaced as Intel representative by Robin Giller. Nominations for chair will be collected via email for a replacement chair by Nathan Southern as PM. Mr. Southern went over this basic process and how it will break down. Mr. St. Leger also discussed changes in the member directory and encouraged governing board representatives who have never sat in on the tech board to do so, likewise encouraged participation in the marketing and events team.

Financial Updates: Rashid Khan discussed project’s overall financial health, and surplus with $1.14 million in the bank by EOY 2022. All sponsors are current on dues owed. Total cost of Userspace $150k, attendance records somewhat low for in person but many virtual attendees. Some financial headwinds noted for 2023, and on that note, the project’s Golden Deck needs to be updated. Mr. Southern agreed to follow up with Mr. Khan on this subject in September. Mr. Khan recommended that we identify someone to champion the use of funds moving forward.

DPDK Marketing and Events: Mr. Southern gave a brief marketing update – around 70 commits for userspace, 30 in person, 40 virtual. 18 commitments for hackathon on September 6th. Remote registration fees have been waived and around $1000 refunded for those who already paid said fees. No sponsorships have been secured. Several leads on End User Stories including a concrete one from a tech board rep that has materialized.

Tech Board Update:

Maxime Coquelin briefly reviewed all of recent DPDK releases and their corresponding release dates; Mr. St. Leger asked Mr. Coquelin about the transition from four releases a year to three anf if this is helpful for the community. Mr. Coquelin didn’t yet have a definitive answer but agreed to add the subject to the September tech board meeting in Arcachon France at Userspace.

Tech Writer Updates: Mr. Southern indicated that we have received applications/interest from 8 promising candidates and will be shepherding them through the interview process.

There were no Community Lab or DTS WG updates presented at this meeting.





DPDK Governing Board Meeting Summary – July 12 2022

By Governing Board Minutes

Brief Summary of Governing Board Minutes from 7/12/22

Community Lab: Aaron Conole discussed key strides in critical areas such as HW upgrades, replacement of failed hardware, repair of Broadcom platform issues, and ongoing work on updated container definitions, even as the lab strives for improvements with OpenSSL crypto testing, and confronts challenges such as the need for new lab servers and self-service retesting, and the integration of FIPS testing. Aaron plans to reach out to vendors to request hardware refreshes and audit all hardware, tagging old equipment. Will report back to GB on any related budgetary requirements.

Tech Board Update: Hackathon will take place at Userspace on 9/6., and the tech writer hire process is underway. In light of Olivier Matz’s resignation, the TB is down to 10 members. The TB is also requesting backup servers from Linux Foundation, which Nathan is helping to facilitate.

DPDK Marketing: The website, CFP and registration are live for Userspace 2022, and the final event schedule will be published in the first week of August. A tech board and governing board meeting will be held on location on 9/6 and 9/8 respectively in France with both in person and remote options; TB and GB members have free admission. Sponsorship packages are available and Nathan will share with the community. 

Jill Lovato is soliciting End User Stories and should be contacted with any relevant material.

There were no DTS or Financial Updates at this meeting.