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DPDK Governing Board Meeting Summary – 12/7/23

By December 11, 2023February 28th, 2024Governing Board Minutes

The DPDK Governing Board met for a special session on December 7, 2023, to review and vote on two key elective items for 2024, atop a basic table stakes budget that was unanimously approved in a November 2023 session. 

These items are as follows.

-Doubling Linux Foundation Marketing Coordinator Ben Thomas’s monthly commitment to roughly 60 hours per month from his current commitment of 30 hours per month. Mr. Thomas’s stated high level deliverables for 2024 include but are not limited to: improving performance and shareability on the website; increasing the type and frequency of content for social media and user stories; boosting the community reach and engagement of video content; improving the timing and content of email communications; expanding blog content and collateral; and boosting strategic PR outreach.

-Hiring two part-time undergraduates from the University of New Hampshire to work in the Community Laboratory. These students will be further developing the DPDK Testing Suite (DTS), used to more effectively and expediently vet code submissions.

Of the 9 Governing Board members present for this session, all voted unanimously to approve each proposed measure as an addendum to the table stakes budget.