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DPDK Summit, San Francisco

September 8, 2014

DPDK Summit San Francisco 2014 – September 8, 2014

The first DPDK Summit brought the DPDK open source community together at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel with the vision to share DPDK usage and implementation; to hear from DPDK developers, contributors, and users; and to build the DPDK community.

DPDK Summit Kick-off

Jim St. Leger (Software Product Line Manager, Intel)

Jim starts off the summit by discussing the objectives, DPDK history, the community, and its contributors.


Is It Time to Revisit the IP Stack in the Linux Kernel and KVM?

Jun Xu (Principal Engineer, Futurewei Technologies, Inc.)

We might take too many things for granted, like the Linux kernel providing a TCP/IP stack since its inception, whereas UNIX did not. Fast forward to today’s world with virtualization, where most hypervisors derived from modern OSs also supply an IP stack. Should we take out the IP stack to let the OS and hypervisor focus on their main tasks, including process scheduling, resource management, and virtualization, or let them be the monolithic piece for all these elements?

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Multi-Socket Ferrari for NFV

László Vadkerti (Lead Software Developer, Ericsson), András Kovács (Lead Software Developer, Ericsson)

This presentation describes an approach to support latency-sensitive applications by diving into best practices in augmenting DPDK to deliver lower jitter and high availability in addition to higher packet throughputs. We will review Enhanced Memory Management techniques and multi-process enhancements to the DPDK library foundation.We also will describe our experience and optimizations in using DPDK with a XEN Hypervisor including the addition of NUMA awareness.

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Lightning Fast I/O for Windows Server v.Next with PacketDirect

Gabriel Silva (Program Manager Windows Server Networking, Microsoft)

Microsoft operates some of the world’s largest data centers, such as Bing, Office365, Xbox Live, and Azure, to name a few. One of the key fundamentals enabling Microsoft to operate efficiently at such hyper scale is NIC performance. This talk addresses how to drive up packet processing performance for the network functions running in their data centers.

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A High-Performance vSwitch of the User, by the User, for the User

Yoshihiro Nakajima (Researcher, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories)

A high-performance software switch is a key component for next-generation telecom infrastructure, especially for NFV and SDN. NTT Laboratories developed a high-performance and highly-scalable SDN/OpenFlow software switch, called Lagopus, that leverages state-of-the-art server and software technologies, including Intel® processors, Intel® Ethernet Controllers, and the DPDK.

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Application Performance Tuning and Future Optimizations in DPDK

Venky Venkatesan (DPDK Architect, Intel)

In this session, one of the original authors of the DPDK library will share insight into how to best use the available tools and library hooks when looking to optimize system packet performance. The session will also provide insight into concepts under consideration to facilitate discussion and prioritization feedback into the future planning process.

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DPDK in a Virtual World

Bhavesh Davda (Senior Staff Engineer, VMware), Rashmin Patel (DPDK Virtualization Engineer, Intel)

The usage of virtualized DPDK applications has increased tremendously. This session will review how the DPDK APIs take advantage of platform technologies like SR-IOV, direct device assignment (VT-d) and para-virtual as well as emulated devices offered by the underlying platform to achieve higher packet throughput at predictable latency. The session will primarily focus on the virtualization options offered by DPDK for the VMware ESXi Hypervisor environment. The session will conclude by sharing the future vision and commitment to enhance the API even further to enable community developers and end users to get most out of underlying Intel Architecture and Hypervisor target.

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High-Performance Networking Leveraging the DPDK and the Growing Community

Thomas Monjalon (Packet Processing Engineer and DPDK.org Maintainer, 6WIND)

High-performance networking stacks can be designed using the DPDK and packet processing software. This presentation covers the development of high-performance applications with examples for IPsec, TCP, virtual switching, and virtual networking functions for NFV.

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Closing Remarks

Tim O’Driscoll (Software Engineering Manager for DPDK, Intel)

Tim brings the summit to a close by reviewing the DPDK open source journey, soliciting feedback on the summit, and discussing increased involvement in the DPDK community.

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September 8, 2014
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San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel
San Francisco, CA United States + Google Map