Intel® DPDK: Data Plane Development Kit

What it is

Intel® DPDK is a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing on x86 platforms. It runs mostly in Linux userland.

This project tracks the Intel® DPDK and includes all major public contributions. The most recent patches and enhancements, provided by the community, are available in master branch.

Main libraries


These libraries can be used to:

For example, some packet processing functions have been benchmarked up to 160 Mfps (million frames per second, using 64-byte packets) with a PCIe Gen-2 NIC.

What it's not

Intel® DPDK is not a networking stack and does not provide functions such as Layer-3 forwarding, IPsec, firewalling, etc. Within the tree, however, various application examples are included to help with the development of such features.

If you need some specific drivers or networking stacks, you should contact a company that provides such extensions.